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The Gridboard allows you to fill it up and play around with its layout. get a hashtag
Content options
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Pretty straightforward - that's the way to go. Simply add texts and links to your Gridboard.

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Non-multimedia content

Easily connect text to images.

Non-multimedia content
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Audio content

Speak directly to the visitors and share your favorite tunes with them.

Audio content
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Video content

From world news to cute kittens, you can win visitors' hearts with video.

Video content
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Just image

You know what they say - a picture is worth a thousand words!

Just image
... and that's not all
Changing hashtag's background

Play with the design

Easily change the background & adjust the colors of your Gridboard.

Get your hashtag to TOP

The more people search, like, or visit your hashtag, the greater the chance is it'll appear in one of the toplists.
Get your hashtag to TOP
Which hashtags are on the top?
Do you need more and more space to gridboard?

Need more space on your Gridboard?

If it gets too crowded on your Gridboard, you can always expand it to hold more content just for $1 per x spaces.


Get people's attention by sharing on Facebook and Twitter.

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Share your hashtag on social media
Unbounded list between all hashtags

Navigate easily

Get from one hashtags to another by using the arrows on each side of the Gridboard.

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World's events on Milliondollarhashtag
World's events on Milliondollarhashtag
What are the world's biggest players up to? Find out what's happening around the globe 24/7 on MillionDollarHashtag.